Hit the MARC Finale *** Sweet Music Video *** IAJF Summer Gala

I know it’s been a while, but there was a lot to gather!

First, and foremost, we *finally* got the series finale of Hit the MARC out.

This is very exciting, and it concludes, for the time being, 2 years of work. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve done, and achieved, and we are so grateful for all of you who watched, and supported, and donated.

Here’s the episode:

I also updated the gallery with photos from the episode.

We will be working on the gag reel in the following weeks, in order to complete our DVD for our special backers!


I spent 4 days mid June, in Saratoga, NY, with a great team, to shoot a music video for Marcus Ruggiero’s song – “Sweet”. It was a crazy experience, we got to start at 5 AM and finish at 3 AM some of the days, but Saratoga is beautiful, and I was really happy to be a part of it. You can see a rough, partial version of the would be final product, right here:

I got to meet and work with lovely people, and I can’t wait to see, and show you the final product! In the meantime, I’ve got some nice stills, taken by the lovely LeRon Lee. Click the photo to see the new gallery!

I updated the resume page accordingly, and the Facebook page as well.


The day after I got back from Saratoga, I joined once more, the production team of LinCommunicatin, for the IAJF summer gala for their young leadership

It was a lovely evening at the NYC public library, with special entertainment – Comedian Maz Jobrany.

Next on the agenda is the winter gala!

Here are a few photos from the evening.














And so, to conclude, June was a bit crazy indeed.


Lastly, I just got the word that “Shadows of Love” is finally locked and ready to be submitted to festivals, after a long period of post production. I know that some of the festivals already have a sure spot for the film that has been anticipated for a while, so once I have definite news, you’ll know!

Have a lovely week, everyone!