Caught in the web.


In the past few years, webshows became a phenomenon one can not ignore, in addition to a major factor in the world of content. Ethan Geshem is exploring the different types of the prominent webshows.



The Internet has always been a source for creation and distribution of different content. As years went by, the technology improved, the servers that host content and data got stronger, and the rise of sites like “You Tube” and such made the internet a perfect place for the creation and broadcasting of videos.

These changes also led to the developing of “webshows” which are like TV shows but being uploaded to the internet on a certain basis when the audience isn’t obligated to open his TV at a certain time and watch the content, but can go on the specific website and choose how and when to watch them.

This trend is becoming bigger and bigger as time goes by because of many reasons: The opportunity for creators to express themselves through the internet, the almost unlimited distribution options that the web offers, the fact that more and more creators get fed up with the big networks and the commercialist attitude in which their being led by, the statistics and follow up services that websites like “You Tube” offer to its users, the possibility to promote more material and products through these webshows, the buzz and success of “Dr. Horrible” and more.

It’s important to emphasize that even with the improvement of technology and the permanently developing industry, these webshows are still not a replacement for the actual TV shows. This field isn’t developed enough yet, and the creators don’t have enough of a budget to get even remotely close to the TV standards. The length of these shows is only several minutes and in most cases, the quality doesn’t get close to what TV has to offer.

And yet, this is a fascinating phenomenon which gains more and more buzz and followers every day, and it’s quite clear it can’t be ignored. Many people all around the world are already “addicted” to one or more of these shows which they manage to follow online. The short length of the episodes and the oftenly light vibe of the shows, makes it easier for people to keep track.

It seems like these shows can be divided into 4 types: The independent shows, which are using verbal/share on social networks etc  distributing, Shows that are being supported by major studios or broadcasting companies, that are using the spaces and facilities of said studios (and in return expose their viewers to commercials and ads), Brand shows, that are meant to promote a certain brand or product, and the webisodes of existing TV shows that are meant to promote these “Parent”  TV shows and earn more money for the networks.

This article will present the prominent webshows in each of the categories with a fifth category for the Israeli angle of the phenomenon, created by Israelis here in Israel, and abroad.

To clarify: The amount of webshows that exist out there today is huge, and it’s really hard to pick. For this article we picked the ones that seemed like the most prominent most important ones, some of which are still running, some aren’t, but if you happen to find that your own favorite show isn’t mentioned, feel free to point us to it.


Independent Shows

The Guild

Anyone But Me


The Legend of Neil


The Battery’s Down


Shows that are being supported by major studios or broadcasting companies

Web Therapy

Children’s Hospital

Between two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Wainy Days

The Bannen way

Jake and Amir


Brand Shows

Easy to Assemble

Suit 7

The Temp Life



Parks and Recreation: April and Andy’s Road Trip

The office: The Mentor

Chuck versus the Webisodes

Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance

The Walking Dead: Toen Apart



The Israeli Angle

Achmad and Salim – independent

The Witches from Shenkin – Shows that are being supported by major studios or broadcasting companies

Off Screen – independent

Funny – Brand show

Chatulonovela – Shows that are being supported by major studios or broadcasting companies

Hit the MARC –

Last but not least, we’ll use this opportunity to introduce a new webshow, which was created, produced, directed and edited by – Chen Drachman, who also stars. Deachman is an AMDA (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy) alumni, a school from which many graduates have gone to Broadway. When graduation approached, she had the idea for this show, influenced by Tina Fey (who said that getting inspiration for writing from your own experience at your actual workplace, can be very beneficial), and created the show which is very loosely based on hers and her friends’ experiences from school.

After graduation, Drachman approached her friends from school and asked them to take part in the project which they gladly agreed to, by participating as both, performers and crew (Camille Theobald, another AMDA alum, is Drachman co-director and cinematographer).

The show has AMDA’s support, and is being filmed in different locations in NYC and on school grounds. At the beginning, the show has been uploaded to YouTube and a Facebook page in order to get as many followers as possible. Today, the show is being broadcasted on additional websites such as “WebseriesChannel” and “MingleMediaTV” and as of last, Drachman was notified that the show will also be on “Blip.TV”, one of the biggest resources for webshows, an important website which gets a lot of exposure.

The Plot:

At the made up school The MARC (Stands for The Musical Arts Robertson Conservatory), in NYC, students are being taught about the different art forms of performing. The show follows what happens during the time period in school – the drama, the gossip, the schemes between students, the relationships between the students and the teachers, the professional difficulties, identity crisis and more, while during the entire time, the students know they must try and survive school even thought there are many obstacles. The show touches real life issues that students in this type of school actually confront: friendships, rivalry, sexual confusion, self esteem, thriving for success, compromising and giving up, ego, dealing with failures and more. The regular characters are: CJ (Drachman), Abbie (Kelly Coalson), Miguel (Frank Francisco),  Chloe (Philippa Lynas), Javier (Alejandro Moscoso), Pillar (Constanza Palavecino), Terry (Housso Semon), and Berta Wulfgang (Deborah Meister).

So far there have been 2 episodes broadcasted, and as far as we know the scripts for episode 3 and 4 has already been written and are about to be shot soon. Remember, watching the show’s episodes can help with its promoting, and increase its earnings (by clicking the ads on the episodes) and get a budget for future episodes!