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My new book, De Seken is available on Amazon as of yesterday.

Let me tell you a little bit about it.

1. It’s a The 100 fanfic, a show I really love (and that is back from hiatus tomorrow!) sold through he Kindle Worlds program.

2. The story is a two-parter. What’s currently on Amazon is volume 1.

3. Volume 2 is coming. I’m assuming no longer than a month.

4. I spent 9 months writing this. I started last March after certain events occurred on the show, and the final chapter was published online on December.

5. Volume 1 tackles Lexa’s past. We never got to see much of it and she’s such a beloved character. I really enjoyed giving her a background.

6. As per Amazon’s writer’s agreement, I get to keep 20% of the story on a personal blog and indeed, the first 8 chapter can be found here.

7. The book can be found in 2 versions, a regular one, and an annotated one.

8. Last but not least, it features cover art by the ridiculously talented Lesly-oh.

I updated the relevant pages on the website (creative, contact, etc.)

Hope you like it!