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Hey guys!

First and foremost, here’s the new episode (number 7) of “Hit the MARC.”

It is second to last. Who would’ve thought that nearly 2 years of work are finally wrapping up?

You can expect a minisode in 2 weeks time, and then, our series finale.

Here is 7. Enjoy!

The upcoming minisode marks the return of the ukelele. 2 new original songs. Stay tuned! No pun intended.


With all of the massive updates for “Hit the MARC” it was long overdue to update the relevant gallery on this very site. And so I did. You can see it here. In case you want to see the entire episode’s gallery and not just my photos, it is on the “Hit the MARC” Facebook page, right here.

Here’s a little teaser:









Following us on Twitter these days is also smart considering we’re uploading bloopers, photos, teasers and all sorts of exclusive material.

In addition, I also opened a gallery for “The Eye of Horus” after I completed my first round of filming about a week ago. It is here.

Here’s one to give you the jist.



I also updated the contact page and added my latest social media endeavors, which mainly means my Instagram, Tumblr, and Keek.

Check it out! And remember you can always subscribe to updates, also at the bottom of the contact page.


Lastly, I got a fun role in a new original webshow called “Freelancers.” We will be shooting at the very end of April, so updates to come!

Have a great week!