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Hello all.

I just wanted to let you know that the next episode of Hit the MARC is coming late September – early October. It’s just so hard to get all tיק gang together, plus, production wise since it’s almost an entirely one man’s operation, it takes time.

However, we do have what we call “shorts”, or “While you wait”s if you will.

We shot two of them, they are part of the plot, but noא an actual episode. Just a short occurring while we… well, wait.

first one will be up withing the next few days, the second one within 2-3 weeks and before you get to say Hit The MARC, the second episode (which we’re really excited about) will be here.

In the mean time. Enjoy some pics.

And on a personal note, feel free to donate for this great cause of battle against Alzheimer’s. It will mean a lot, and any amount is a good amount 🙂

just click right here.


Shooting “While we wait no. 1 – Javier learns English” with Alejandro, Constanza and Chen.