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Christmas might be over, but the holiday season is not over just yet, and just before heading back to shoot episode 3 in January, the cast of Hit the MARC wanted to wish you happy holidays!

Episode three is coming next year with some new faces! Stay tuned!


On November, I got to take part in an amazing production called “Steam Clock”. The silent short film, which is sort of a Sci-Fi thriller, was shot in 2 days at Staten Island, NY NY, with an amazing cast (included Hit the MARC’s Pillar, aka Constanza Palavecino, an amazing performer and friend) and amazing crew from the New York Film Academy. The movie was directed by the incredibly talented Thomas Della Bella, who also built the entire set on his own. Hopefully you’ll get to see the movie shortly! I saw it on a big screen and it looks great. You can check out pics in the new “Steam Clock” gallery, and see couple of examples just below. It was an amazing experience with great people and I feel very blessed that I got to take part in it.


Thanks to a wonderful friend who also built this website, you can now get updates to your very own smart phone! All you need to do is download the Chen Drachman application (Yes, I know…) to your phone and you’re good to go! To download, click here from your smart phone, or just search “Chen Drachman” on the market/the Iphone variation of that. : ) Make sure you go to the application’s settings and turn on the notifications option!

It’s quite cool, and guess what? Totally free 🙂


Many galleries were updated, including “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Buffy’s Once More With


In addition, a gallery was opened for “Knock B4 Entering”, a drama showcase, and for “A Day To Remember”, a musical showcase.

Speaking of the above, video of the scene from “Knock B4 Entering” is now on Youtube, as is a video of “Frank Mills” from “A Day To Remember”.

Feel free to watch by clicking the show’s name above!

Last but not least, the song “All That Comes and Goes”, which was written based on a text by the incredibly talented Alejandro Moscoso, was added to the Song Writing section!

Enjoy and have a wonderful holidays season!