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Hey guys!

So what’s next for Hit the MARC?

Well, first and foremost, we have a new minisode for you. This one means a lot to me personally in terms of its content.


With that said,  this was also our goodbye (at least for now) from Chloe, since Philippa left to go and do a cruise line.

But worry not, we have a major case of crazy joining us very soon.

Other than that, we are forced to take a little Holidays hiatus before we shoot episode 3 on January, but hopefully you’ll hear from us during December, *and* we’ll have a theme song for you, so stay tuned 🙂

And in the mean time, visit our Facebook page. We updated the gallery with the latest minisode.


So Last night I finished a 4 shows run at the Player’s Theater in Greenwich Village right here in Manhattan.

Working on Lysistrata was really great. We had about a month and a half or rehearsals, few nights a week, and it was really nice to see how this thing starts as a bunch of strangers and turn into something which stands on its own. I liked Lysistrata since I saw a modern version of it in Israel, so it was quite great to be a part of it, to perform Off-Off Broadway for the first time, and to work with great people. So thank you everyone who was involved : )

It was the first production from the brand new Onomatopoeia Theatre cCmpany which have a bunch of productions planed this upcoming year. You can check them out.

Also if you happen to be curious about the origins of this wonderful play, we have Wikipedia to help right here.



Massive Gallery update with “Cerberus”, “Rain in Summer” and of course, “Lysistrata”.

Feel free to check it out! (Same updates on the Facebook page).

Next on the agenda – shooting “Steam Clock” on 11/9,10 in Staten Island with no other than Constanza Palavecino!

Stay tuned!