Hit the MARC third Episode***The Bar***Website Updates

First and foremost, the third, long anticipated episode of Hit the MARC is *finally* out!

We got to welcome our newest cast member, Deborah Meister, into our crazy family.

More than 300 views in less than 3 days! We’re very honored and grateful.

You can watch it here, like, comment, etc.


We shot for two weekends, wrapping on January 28th, when we also officially celebrated our previously announced 1000 viewer on YouTube (for our pilot episode). Thank you guys for helping us get here!

Episode 4 will probably come out in April, but we have “While we wait”s coming our way before that. So stay tuned!

We updated the gallery with pictures from the filming, and from our little celebration. Check it out here.


The same very weekend, I was taking part in another cool Webshow called “The Bar”. I played the role of an earth loving poet, and had a wonderful time at the Half Court Bar in Brooklyn. The concept behind the show is really cool, you can read about it and see the trailer in here:



We promise to update when the show will be up. It’s 8 episodes in total, all been filmed already, so stay tuned!


A long overdue update for the website, with the Hit the MARC gallery as previously mentioned, but also the resume section was updated with the current projects as was the PDF version file. Don’t forget you can sigh up for updates at the top of this very page, or, download our application here, and get updates straight to your phone.