New Random Fandom with special guest Janet Varney!

category: Random Fandom

Happy (long) weekend everyone!

For a change, I’m not here today to talk about The Book of Ruth, and I usually gather a few of these podcast episodes before I post an update, but this is a special one!

It took us a whole year to actually post this, but as you may have noticed, I’ve been a wee busy, and so was my dear co-host.

But here we are, with someone we both really love and appreciate, Janet Varney, an avid podcaster, the voice of Avatar Korra, a wonderful improviser and all in all just a lovely human.

We talked being a fan, being on the receiving end of fandom byproduct, we spoke of Korra, of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, and so much more (like our love for Killing Eve and working from home in your PJs…)

Take a listen!