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Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Hey all.

I’m thrilled to announce that The Book of Ruth is an official selection of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Atlanta’s largest film festival, and the biggest Jewish film festival in the world.

This will be our Southeast premiere.

If you’re in the US, join us virtually, starting 2/25/2021, for 72 hours!

Tix go on sale 2/10 right here. And as always, you can visit our screenings page for more info about upcoming screenings.

At long last, Israeli Premiere!

I really do try to not post an update for every festival, but for obvious reasons, this update is the most emotional one to date – we finally get to take the film to Israel, and as our producer, Caitlin Gold said – nothing like taking your movie home! Especially when so many of the people who supported this film, family and friends, are in Israel. I sat down to translate it myself a couple of weeks ago for the Hebrew subtitles and it was a surreal (yet thrilling!) experience. 

So excited to finally show it to you, and here are some more good news – you’ll be able to watch it for free! The film will screen at the first ever Tel Aviv Jewish Film Festival, at the Brodt center, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the TLV city hall. It’ll screen online due to the pandemic, but all short films will be (geo-blocked, but) accessible for free!

The festival will take place between 12/13-12/15. For additional details and tickets please click here. Please be advised that tickets are limited so RSVP ASAP.

And as always, most recent info about screenings and tickets can be found on our screenings page. 

Also, fun side note – we’ve now been accepted to a total of 20 festivals. Gotta love that round number!

That’s it guys, I think you earned a little break from me. Have a safe, lovely holiday season.

Our first award + Latin American Premiere!

Hello all!

So after a total of 19 festival acceptances (11 states and counting!) we’ve won our first award!

Last month, the San Diego International Jewish Film Festival took place in its short film edition. The Book of Ruth has won Best Short Narrative!

We’re very honored and excited!

In addition, we’ve been accepted to the Bogota Short Film Festival – BOGOSHORTS in Bogota, Colombia. This will be our Latin American premiere, at an Academy Award qualifying festival no less (not for our category, but it’s still a huge honor to be a part of such an acclaimed festival!) Here’s the official announcement

We’re playing the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival through 11/30, and then Bogota next month (and another exciting one which I might be able to tell you about next week!)

As always, updates about screenings and tickets can be found here

Lastly, Becca and myself did a Q&A last month at the Vancouver International Film Festival with additional wonderful filmmakers. You can watch it here

Our press page also has updated list of Q&As and coverage. You can see it here

That’s it. Much love. Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.

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Chelsea Film Festival, Los Angeles premiere, Asia premiere. Oh my!

Hi all, 

Some really good news to share with everyone in this very short update!

The Book of Ruth has been accepted to the Chelsea Film Festival. This will be our NYC (i.e. Manhattan) premiere, and we’re very excited that it’s in a major, highly acclaimed festival. 

We’re also headed west for our Los Angeles premiere, at the LA Femme International Film Festival.

And if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re headed to the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival for our Asia premiere!

The festival experience has been great, with a lot of love for the film, and with 15 acceptances already under the belt, we’re still waiting to hear from a lot more festivals. So thank you for being a part of this journey.

As always, all upcoming screening information (many of these screenings are available all throughout the country) can be found here.  If you scroll down you’ll also find an image with upcoming dates.

Shana Tovah, happy fall, and stay safe!

International Premiere at the Vancouver International Film Fest!

It is such an honor and a delight to get to tell y’all that The Book of Ruth will have its international premiere in Vancouver later this month!

VIFF is one of the 5 biggest film festivals in North America and is recognized by the Canadian Screen Awards.

I’m still in disbelief and overjoyed.

The festival moved online due to COVID, but if you have friends and/or family in British Columbia, please let them know! We’d love to share the film with them. For all details click here.

We’ve recently updated our poster. It’s still missing a couple of laurels, but those will come soon with an announcement of their own 🙂

The film is screening in 5 (!) festivals this month, and at least 2 more in October, with additional festivals postponing so they can hold physical events. Details on all upcoming screenings and tickets can be found here.

I’ve been doing a lot of Q&As for the festivals, and got to meet many talented creators. It is extremely bittersweet to meet like this, but kudos to all the festivals. They’re working so hard to make things work and to make sure filmmakers make the most of the experience.

I’ve also spent the last 7 months researching a new feature project and I’m excited to spend the next few months writing it. So stay tuned, stay safe, and Shana Tovah to those who celebrate!

New festivals alert!

I’m beyond excited to announce the The Book of Ruth is an official selection of the Topaz Film Festival by Women in Film Dallas in September, The Breckenridge Film Festival (A USA Today top 20 Film Festival) in September, and the The Joyce Forum Short Film Festival (Part of the San Diego International Jewish Film Festival) in October.

We’re delight to head (virtually!) into these incredible cities and share our movie with the audiences there!

All info about upcoming screenings and tickets can be found on the film’s website.

Can’t wait to see you all!

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