Shoe updates + Post-Production Crowdfunding!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been almost 4.5 months since we wrapped But I’m a Shoe, and things have been very busy, but an update is way overdue.

We’re almost done with the animation and the live-action editing. This will bring us to what the cool kids call “picture lock.” Once we’re there, our sound designer, as well as our composer, will jump in to add those final, VERY important touches. We hope to have a film to show you sometime in October! 

Check out what happens when live-action meets animation in the editing room! (Courtesy of Maayan – our editor, and Andrew.)

We’re also holding another crowdfunding campaign. Right here.

“Why do they need another one,” you wonder?

“Didn’t you just say we’ll have a film in October?!”

All very valid questions. Well, this campaign, which is much smaller in scale, is meant for post-production. We need to allocate more hours for Andrew to finish the animation, we need to pay our post-production crew, and a million other little things that are boring but necessary. 

Many who’ll read this have already donated, and by doing so done more than enough, but in case you want to share with friends, or “level up” your perk, check it out!

So, for example, if the enamel pin is worth $50 and you already donated $25 but want to put down an additional $25 to get it, you can!

Look how pretty it is!


I actually spent my Friday night preparing many of the pins and signed postcards from our initial campaign for shipping!

So that’s it! Working hard, making edits, delivering perks, and trying to finish this wacky film!

Hope you join our effort and artistic family!

Enjoy your summer,