Shorts on Tap *** Walla piece

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Hello everyone.

Just a couple of quick updates.

Firstly, I’m happy to report that Ruth’s is a semi-finalist for the Horizon Award at the Shorts on Tap competition in London. How exciting is that?

I have a special place in my heart for London so this is extra nice. I’m hoping to hear more throughout the summer but this already felt news-worthy.

short on tap

The script also got accepted to another festival, as a finalist in two different categories, I’m not allowed to name the festival yet because not all notifications were sent out, but I’m very very excited and can’t wait to tell you more.


Speaking of Ruth’s, one of the biggest news portals in Israel, Walla, featured a piece about the project, written by film critic Avner Shavit. You can read about it in Hebrew right here, or in English, right here. I also updated the media page accordingly.

As always, you can help make this film by donating here. All donation are tax deductible!

I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll have more to tell you in the relatively near future, but ’till then, please stay hydrated.