***Tiger in the Dark***Hit the MARC

Hey guys!

I hope everyone has been great!

I’m in London, heading back to NYC  soon, and starting to film an exciting project a day after I get back.

So I spend random rides on the Tube memorizing lines. Nice.

One of the things I’ll be working on soon after I get back, is “Tiger in the Dark”.

The following trailers have been released, and I hope you’d like them.

We resume shooting later this month and during February.




While I’m away, Juan, who’s the director of the second half of the season of “Hit the MARC”, is filming with the guys. They’re working on 2 new minisodes, so as always, just a little bit longer, and we’ll have all of the material we need. Then, it’s just me spending a few good hours in editor’s mode in order to bring these to you.

So I am keeping my promise to you, and one day, you Kickstarter backers will get your rewards!

Stay tuned!


On a bit of a personal note, I want to use this space for a recommendation. Years ago, when I did a cabaret in Israel, I sang a song called “Lost in Translations.” An absolutely beautiful song.

The song is part of the score of a musical called “Lift.”

“Lift” is *finally* opening in London at the end at this month (I’m missing it, of course).

The people behind the show are Ian Watson, who wrote the book, and Craig Adams who wrote the score and whom I got to meet and is lovely.

The show will open on January 30th for a limted run until February 24th.

If you’re in London, or around, I *highly* recommend you go and see it.

More details are on their website.

If you can’t make it to London, you *can* download their concept album which is beautiful.


That’s it for today, I hope I can give you more soon, but for the most part, I’m excited to head back to the city and go back t work.

Have a lovely weekend!