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Goldstars *** The Eye Of Horus *** The Black Box

Hey gang.

Just a quick update.

I know it’s been a while so I didn’t want to leave you uninformed.

I’ve been out of the country for a while, visiting Israel, England and France all in the span of 5 weeks.

Was exhausting and energizing at the same time, somehow.

But just so you know that a few things are coming up:

I have a little guest appearance in the new webshow “Goldstars” by Lane Moore.

4 upcoming episodes on the webshow “The Eye of Horus.”

And a part on one of the episodes of the new upcoming medical drama “The Black Box”, coming to ABC, taking over Scandal’s time slot after the season wraps.

I’m also working on a new book which is another reason why I kept quiet. I promise a more elaborated update once these projects will be live.

In the mean time, keep warm!



Living with Your Sidekick *** Eye of Horus *** Website updates

Hey guys.

I know it’s been ages. A lot is going on and it means less time to update, and trying to batch a few things together for an update.

First and foremost, the yearly IAJF gala is coming up on November 7th, at the Alice Tully Hall here in NYC, which means I’m spending some quality time with different Office programs. We have amazing speakers this year, with former prime minister and and a paralympic medalist. All very exciting. But more about that, maybe later on



I’ve been collaborating with my dear friend, Camille Theobald, on a new web project. Camille and I worked together many times before, she directed some of the episodes of “Hit the MARC” and even guest starred every now and then. We brought Juan J. Arroyo on board. He directed the second half of Hit the MARC.

Basically, what we did, is a two parts pilot, for a show called “Living with Your Sidekick.”

What happens when two super heroes move in together to improve their efficiency? Maybe the opposite of efficiency.

Anyways, we’d like to see where it goes, and it has a bit of interactive element to it. We just released our first episode, introducing one of the two heroes. Next episode will be released next week. Check it out!


We also have some original art work by the wonderful Hila Taylor. Just a little taste:

Poster no harry potter



A lot is going on with the “The Eye of Horus” lately, I just can’t exactly tell you about it because it’s in Japanese : )

The show is set to premiere in America on the internet in November. In the mean time, it had a premiere in Tokyo, Japan, in addition to Osaka. There will be a premiere event in London, and in NYC. Once I know more, I’ll share, but it seems like people really enjoyed the Tokyo premiere, and considering the amazing camera work, and the beautiful locations we used, I can’t wait to see it!

Feel free to check the website, it has bios and all sorts of fun stuff.


On the technical side, I updated the resume page, added the episode of “Sidekick” to the reel page, and updated the production page!

Have a great week everyone!

Hit the MARC *** Galleries *** Social Media

Hey guys!

First and foremost, here’s the new episode (number 7) of “Hit the MARC.”

It is second to last. Who would’ve thought that nearly 2 years of work are finally wrapping up?

You can expect a minisode in 2 weeks time, and then, our series finale.

Here is 7. Enjoy!

The upcoming minisode marks the return of the ukelele. 2 new original songs. Stay tuned! No pun intended.


With all of the massive updates for “Hit the MARC” it was long overdue to update the relevant gallery on this very site. And so I did. You can see it here. In case you want to see the entire episode’s gallery and not just my photos, it is on the “Hit the MARC” Facebook page, right here.

Here’s a little teaser:









Following us on Twitter these days is also smart considering we’re uploading bloopers, photos, teasers and all sorts of exclusive material.

In addition, I also opened a gallery for “The Eye of Horus” after I completed my first round of filming about a week ago. It is here.

Here’s one to give you the jist.



I also updated the contact page and added my latest social media endeavors, which mainly means my Instagram, Tumblr, and Keek.

Check it out! And remember you can always subscribe to updates, also at the bottom of the contact page.


Lastly, I got a fun role in a new original webshow called “Freelancers.” We will be shooting at the very end of April, so updates to come!

Have a great week!

Hit the MARC *** The Cinema Couch *** The Eye of Horus *** Beg. Borrow. Steal

Hey everyone!

As promised, we have more Hit the MARC updates! I’ll lay them down here in chronological order.

First, we released episode 6 (2 more left, are you ready to say goodbye?), which featured Lisa Wipperling, in addition to John Znidarsic, and Dan Daily who returned for the second time as our teachers, and of course, you’re probably used to their faces by now: Camille Theobald and Jackson Eather.

Here it is:

Then, we uploaded for your enjoyment, “The Food Song” from minisode 9 –  “English Lesson”. Written by yours truly, and music by the lovely Jackson Eather who also performs it both on the minisode and on this clip.

And lastly, fresh from the YouTube oven, minisode 11, “The Deeper the Fall,” following my character, CJ, guest starring the lovely Dana Piccoli who’s both talented and a great friend, and directed once more by Juan J. Arroyo.

If you like television and music, I highly recommend following Dana’s Twitter or Tumblr blog.

Ah, yes, the minisode:


The third season of Game of Thrones is *finally* upon us, and so, just before the season premiere aired, I joined the lovely people of “The Cinema Couch” to discuss the show. Here’s our discussion video.


A crazy internet project called “The Eye of Horus” is filming during the entire month of April. I’m joining them on the second week, to play the role of Eris. Reading the script, it’s not hard to see why they gave my character the name of the Greek goddess of chaos. Just saying.

The script is feature long, and made up from what I believe is 17 short parts that will be on line. It’s very complex, inception/Matrix kind of complex, when you can’t really say for sure what is what, and who is who. Or in other words – sounds like tons of fun. So stay tuned for that, and hopefully, pictures will soon follow!


Third week of April marks the beginning of my work with “Beg. Borrow. Steal.” as Nina. This is a crime webshow which also seems like is going to be the crazy kind of fun. So expect more about that soon as well.


On the website side – I updated my resume with all the current projects, and the song writing page as well. I know, I know, the gallery demands attention and there are so many pictures from the latest episodes of Hit the MARC. I know, we’ll get there.

Have a lovely weekend!

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