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New Random Fandom episodes!

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while and I’ve managed to fly out twice since the last update, so I think it’s safe to say things were hectic and hectic they remain!

But until I can share more, let us celebrate with the 2 latest episode of Random Fandom.

For episode 8 we sat down with LA based animator Leigh Lahav who most likely created a thing or two that came across your timelines. She tells us about her career and favorite fandoms. She has a new video coming out later this month which I know first hand is bound to be awesome!

On episode 9 (which is brand new and came out earlier today!) we spoke to the lovely Claudia from OTW (The Organization for Transformative Works,) the same people who created (among many other things,) the incredible fanfiction website Archives of Our Own. They also created Fanlore, they provide legal consultation to fan artists, and so much more. They’re amazing and most people have no idea how much they do for fan communities. But now you can get a glimpse into the workings of it all!

Our 10th episode will also mark our 1 year anniversary of this impossible, bi-continental podcast, and as it is a special celebration, we had to go big, which for us could only mean one thing – inviting podcast favorite Janet Varney (Did anyone say Avatar Korra?!) to play with us. She was lovely, so stay tuned because it’ll be worth it! 

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Ruth’s updates *** New Random Fandom episodes

Hello everyone and happy March!

Here are a few things from the past couple of months.

First and foremoest, Ruth’s got accepted to another festival, this time across the river in New Jersey (everything is legal in New Jersey.)

Check out the Top Script category here

Additionaly, here’s a piece I wrote about Ruth’s for the Canadian Jewish Review. 


Also, here are the latest two episodes of Random Fandom, which I’m especially excited about. The first one talks about activism in fandom, and the other one was an interview with two of the ClexaCon directors – a huge event coming up next month!

Take a listen!

More soon!

Ruth’s updates and more.

Hello everyone! 

Season 3 of The Path premiered a few weeks back. Here’s a little something to tell you all you need to know about the Meyerist movement! 


Some news (and actual “in the news”) about Ruth’s.

The script passed another round of the American Gem short Script Competition and Literary Festival and is now a semi-finalist (see list of qualifying scripts.) It’s the third round, the top 7%. 1309 were submitted, 93 remain. Keep your fingers crossed as this grant could really help in making the film a reality!


More on Ruth’s – My Jewish Detroit just posted a piece about the project with a short Q&A. You can read it here.

Also from today is a piece on Jewcy.com! You can read it here


Lastly, I did a short silent film with a bunch of lovely people and you can see it right below.

Have a great February!

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Jerusalem Post *** The Path season 3 premiere * Near Nazareth Film Festival

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season.

I’m visiting Israel myself these days and working as hard as I can and meeting many people to talk to them about Ruth’s.

One of these lovely people was Amy Spiro who wrote a piece about the project for the Jerusalem Post. 

See below (click to enlarge), or click here to read on the Post‘s website. 

Speaking of Ruth’s, it was recently chosen as official selection of the Near Nazareth Film Festival in Israel.


Like I said, working tirelessly to make this happen. Which also means adding new content to the project’s website. Check it out for more details, or if you wish to donate to the campaign and be directly involved with turning this into a reality. All donations are tax deductible!


In other very exciting news, season 3 of The Path premieres on January 17th on Hulu. Expect intense madness from the get go.

Here’s the trailer for the episode and the season.

Here are a few promotional pictures from the first episode (thanks, Stv!)

Busy busy! More soon!

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Ruth’s campaign video *** American Gem

Hello everyone!

We finally have a new campaign video for Ruth’s. This one includes some footage from our NYC reading with Tovah Feldshuh. You can watch it below, or on the Ruth’s website. 

Would you show your holiday spirit by supporting us?

Editing by the wonderful Grace Fro


Speaking of Ruth’s, the script passed another round of the American Gem short Script Competition and Literary Festival and is now a quarter-finalist (see list of qualifying scripts.) Semi-finalists will be announced in a few weeks, but knowing that 1309 scripts were submitted and that Ruth’s is currently in the top 14%, is a huge honor no matter what! 

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Ruth’s reading with Tovah Feldshuh *** American Gem *** The Path season 3

Hello everyone!

Sunday November 12th was a special day for me. Not only did I get to read Ruth’s in front of a live audience for the first time, but we also had the incredible, Tony and Emmy awards nominee, Tovah Feldshuh, as our lead.

I’ve been mentioning Ruth’s so often, but I’m not sure how much I actually told you.

Ruth’s is a short screenplay which follows a family’s visit to grandmother’s Ruth’s house on the night of the Seder. Later in the evening granddaughter, Lizzy, finds Ruth, watching a news story about recently discovered facts of Anne Frank’s death, and confronts her about something she’d suspected for years – her grandma is Anne Frank.

The screenplay for Ruth’s was chosen as official selection/finalist in festivals and grants around the U.S. (NYC, LA and more) and abroad (Mexico, Canada, UK, and more). A full list of Ruth’s current festival participation can be found here under “Ruth’s.” This goes to show that there’s anticipation for the story to be told before it has even been produced, and can positively predict acceptance to festivals later on, as a completed film.

And a film is exactly what we’re hoping to do. The reading was a chance for us to workshop the story together, and give people the chance to get involved. The cast included Tovah Feldshuh as Ruth (i.e. an older version of Anne Frank,) myself as Lizzy, Monica Wyche as Margo, Eric J. Carlson as Dan, and Zane Lynch as Jordan. The reading was directed by Dylan Zwickel. 

Working with Tovah has been an incredible experience.  I want to thank everyone who attended and supported us. If you missed the reading but still considering getting involved, fear not, a video is on its way. Meanwhile, enjoy a few pictures from the event. You can see the full gallery here

If you consider supporting us, remember, we’re working with a fiscal sponsor, a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donation are tax deductible and every little bit counts! More details on Ruth’s website





Speaking of Ruth’s, I was recently notified that Ruth’s is now a first round qualifier for the American Gem short Script Competition and Literary Festival (see list of qualifying scripts.) Which means we’re in the top 25%! Second round qualifiers will be announced in a few weeks. Cross your fingers for us as this is a grant that we can really use!


Last but not least, season 3 of The Path will premiere on Jan 17th, 2018. That’s right around the corner! Yours truly will be in the season premiere. Can’t wait to share it with all of you! 

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