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Producing is a way to make sure things happen.

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Song Writing-

*The Food Song (Words by Chen Drachman. Music by Jackson Eather. Featured on minisode 9 of “Hit the MARC.” Performed by Jackson Eather. Realesed: March 2013)

*Higher – The Hit the MARC Theme Song (Written and composed by Chen Drachman for Hit the MARC. Performed by the cast of Hit the MARC. Released: March 2013)

*All that Comes and Goes (Written and composed by Chen Drachman, based on at text by Alejandro Moscoso. Performed by Alejandro Moscoso at the Journeys cabaret, October 2011).

*Serenade no. 818 (Written, composed and performed by Chen Drachman. Premiered at the Journeys cabaret, October 2011).

*At The End Of The Day (written and composed: September 2010. Premiered by Noy Sossover and the cafe performers at the AMDA cafe series, February 2011).