Frank Francisco

When Frankie was 5 years old he was in his underwear running around his yard with a broom stick climbing trees, killing lizard, not thinking or worrying about life or rent or anything. He lived in his imagination, in his grandma’s backyard, eating fallen mangoes from the trees in the Dominican Republic. Killing evil lizards, playing with Princesa, his faithful golden retriever sidekick, usually investigating suspicious happenings and dealing with life as it hit him… Frankie’s memories linger in his childhood. His inner child has always been a prominent leader in his life. Of course he regrets killing those lizards but he didn’t know better at the time. He later moved to Miami and in his high school his friend coaxed him to join the drama club. Frankie humored his friend and went along with the idea just as a fun experience, but to his amazement, he discovered a world where he could re-live his childhood days through living on a stage. When he finished his first show and discovered the overpowering surge one gets when an audience is sending appreciation and applause to a fully opened and vulnerable heart… it was as if he had finally found the happy settlers of his world, which he was defending from lizards. Frankie, who then became Frank had found the thing that the tender animal of his body loved. From that moment on, there was no stopping his passion. Come senior year, he fully invested himself in the theatre and despite his mother’s concerns for Frank’s aspirations, he knew it was his calling.

Frank learned the day before he came to New York that his mother wanted to be a dancer but was always held back by her family and she finally consented to Franks over whelming dream to perform. And with her blessing Frank took the plunge into the big apple to Defend a larger populous from the lizards, and win the hearts of its people… Just as he had dreamed in his Grandma’s backyard.


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