John Oliver *** Additional updates

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yes, it’s been a while and my previous excuses still stand, but still, here’s a quick update.

Last night, John Oliver’s new show, Last Week Tonight, premiered.

I love John Oliver and so the opportunity to take part of his first show, felt pretty awesome.

I took part in a skit, addressing (i.e. mocking) the Oregon healthcare website.

The crew was great, the other actors were great, director Ryan McFaul is pretty awesome, and we had Lisa Loeb singing for us.

All in all, a pretty nice day in Roosevelt Island.

Here’s a picture from the official Last Week Tonight Twitter account, followed by a full video of the skit.

BmRvul_IgAIMkJu.jpg large




The above shenanigans led to some website updates. By that I mean the resume page and the media page (new section! “video appearances”).

I also told you I’m MIA because I’m working on a new book. I didn’t lie. I believe I’m somewhere around 65% done with the actual writing (I know, it’s quite specific), and I really want to get it out there around September, hopefully after a thorough edit.

But I swear, it doesn’t mean I don’t go out there and do other work, I expect more updates in the next month or so.

Have a lovely May!