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New Random Fandom with special guest Janet Varney!

category: Random Fandom

Happy (long) weekend everyone!

For a change, I’m not here today to talk about The Book of Ruth, and I usually gather a few of these podcast episodes before I post an update, but this is a special one!

It took us a whole year to actually post this, but as you may have noticed, I’ve been a wee busy, and so was my dear co-host.

But here we are, with someone we both really love and appreciate, Janet Varney, an avid podcaster, the voice of Avatar Korra, a wonderful improviser and all in all just a lovely human.

We talked being a fan, being on the receiving end of fandom byproduct, we spoke of Korra, of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, and so much more (like our love for Killing Eve and working from home in your PJs…)

Take a listen!


New Random Fandom episodes!

category: Random Fandom

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while and I’ve managed to fly out twice since the last update, so I think it’s safe to say things were hectic and hectic they remain!

But until I can share more, let us celebrate with the 2 latest episode of Random Fandom.

For episode 8 we sat down with LA based animator Leigh Lahav who most likely created a thing or two that came across your timelines. She tells us about her career and favorite fandoms. She has a new video coming out later this month which I know first hand is bound to be awesome!

On episode 9 (which is brand new and came out earlier today!) we spoke to the lovely Claudia from OTW (The Organization for Transformative Works,) the same people who created (among many other things,) the incredible fanfiction website Archives of Our Own. They also created Fanlore, they provide legal consultation to fan artists, and so much more. They’re amazing and most people have no idea how much they do for fan communities. But now you can get a glimpse into the workings of it all!

Our 10th episode will also mark our 1 year anniversary of this impossible, bi-continental podcast, and as it is a special celebration, we had to go big, which for us could only mean one thing – inviting podcast favorite Janet Varney (Did anyone say Avatar Korra?!) to play with us. She was lovely, so stay tuned because it’ll be worth it! 

Ruth’s updates *** New Random Fandom episodes

Hello everyone and happy March!

Here are a few things from the past couple of months.

First and foremoest, Ruth’s got accepted to another festival, this time across the river in New Jersey (everything is legal in New Jersey.)

Check out the Top Script category here

Additionaly, here’s a piece I wrote about Ruth’s for the Canadian Jewish Review. 


Also, here are the latest two episodes of Random Fandom, which I’m especially excited about. The first one talks about activism in fandom, and the other one was an interview with two of the ClexaCon directors – a huge event coming up next month!

Take a listen!

More soon!

New Random Fandom Episodes!

Hey everyone. I’ve been neglecting Random Fandom updates as I was gearing up to the Ruth’s reading in NYC with the incredible Tovah Feldshuh (more on that at a later, but not much later, date.) I also figured grouping them would be better. So without further ado, here are the 3 latest episodes! Enjoy!

Oaxaca Film Festival *** Random Fandom episode 2

So thrilled to be announcing that Ruth’s is headed to the Oaxaca Film Festival!

I’ve been sitting on this for three months, but was asked to wait for the official press conference that aired on September 5th from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The festival team answered many questions and the whole thing was broadcast live through Facebook. You can watch it here, it’s mostly in Spanish.

As for Ruth’s, the script is a finalist, nominated in two categories, Life is Short (the short screenplay category) and the Global Script Challenge (best overall script.) 

The festival will take place October 6-13. Please keep your fingers crossed and remember – we’re still raising funds to turn this film into a reality. All the information can be found on Ruth’s official website. 

Shiri and myself are working insanely hard to make sure that Random Fandom is at the very least a bi-monthly occurrence. We constantly have a lot  to talk about and what with being in two different time zones and being forced to record through skype and co., things are challenging, but we are committed, and so, without further ado, here’s episode 2 of the podcast, during which I got to talk about some of my latest favorite shows, and some fascinating things that are happening out there in the fandom world.

Unlike last time, though, you can now listen to it almost everywhere (itunes, Stitcher, etc.) For more info check our Tumblr blog, or the podcast page on this very website. And please, if you enjoyed, rate, review, and tell your friends! 

That’s all for today. More soon!

category: Random Fandom

Hey guys! Got something a bit different for you this time around.

I, who can’t physically listen to podcasts, am a hypocrite and co-hosted a fandom related podcast with my dear friend, fandom queen Shiri Y.

If you only follow my work here, you might not know the fandom loving side of me very well, but I’ve been a part of many fandoms for years, attended conventions, wrote fanfiction, etc.

For this very first episode of Random Fandom we talked Buffy (and unfortunate current developments), Wynonna Earp & the now deceased Xena reboot. Take a listen!

And hopefully it’s the beginning of something beautiful! (that I can’t physically listen to.)