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A Free The Book of Ruth Screening in NYC!

Hey all!

A rare event is upon us – a screening of The Book of Ruth.

As you know, the film has been off the circuit (and doing very well on Omeleto!) for quite some time, so this is a chance for New Yorkers to see it on a big screen.

The screening will take place as part of a Jewish short films block on 7/27/2024.

Tickets are free upon RSVP, and no, you don’t have to be Jewish in order to come and hang with us 🙂

RSVP here

Conversation with #SupportOurCreatives

Had a great time on Alan Greenstein’s podcast earlier this week.

We talked The Book of Ruth and But I’m a Shoe (two projects he graciously supported) as well as the state of the industry, which also means I got to go on a rant about AI.

You can watch the video here:


Or listen on Spotify here:

Female Filmmaker Fridays with Melissa Center

Had a blast doing an Instagram live with the lovely Melissa Center on May 17th.

Talking about the craft and my work is one of my favorite things to do.

Hopefully, more of these, soon!



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Podcast with Inwood Art Works

Hey all,

I’m not going to talk about what life has been like recently. Suffice it to say – I’m Israeli, and it’s been rough. Very rough.

In the midst of it all, I totally missed the fact that the podcast episode I recorded with Inwood Film Works (the wonderful org behind the Inwood Film Festival) came out 2 weeks ago.

There’s The Book of Ruth talk, a little bit on the progress of But I’m a Shoe, and general art and process discussion. It was a delight.

Listen here, or watch below:

Take care of yourself.


More views! More festivals! More shoes!

Happy March all!

First thing’s first – in 2 weeks time we will be filming But I’m a Shoe (or rather, the live action scenes of our mostly-animated film) in Texas. 

Insanely excited to film in Waco, surrounded by a community who have now supported my work for a couple of years. Many people in town became friends, and they’re welcoming us with open arms.

We’ve recorded Janet’s voice over a few weeks ago so that Andrew Dittman, our wonderful animator, can work in tandem with us. Here’s a short teaser which reveals pretty much nothing about the film. Is that how teasers work?

Stay tuned for more!

As of last night, The Book of Ruth has surpassed 100K views (!) on Omeleto. I love this film and proud of it, but I never dared to think we’ll see such numbers. Thank you to everyone who watched, and if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late

Speaking of our dear friend, Ruth, the film will play outside of competition at the Inwood Film Festival in late May. This is a very special one for me, because it’s in my own back yard. 

Whenever I think this specific journey is over, something like this happens! We’re honored to be a part!

If you’re in NY, come see us 🙂


That’s all for now, folks! But hey, things are quite busy around here what with the making of a movie in two weeks 😉

More soon!

Shoe Updates *** End of Year List at FNM

Hello all!

We’re 6 days away from the end of our crowdfunding campaign for But I’m a Shoethough I received requests for extension from multiple people who are recovering from all the holiday shopping, so we’ll see what we can do!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to support, feel free to visit our campaign page here.  

We’re very close to 50% of the goal, every little bit helps, and the perks are just so very cute!

Happy Shoe year from the team!


I’ve never been on a “Best of the Year” list before, but our lovely friends at the Friday Night Movie pod placed The Book of Ruth on their list.

Recording an episode with them earlier this year was so fun, and I’m grateful for both the opportunity to guest on their show, AND making it into their Best of 2022 list.

Bellow is the segment about TBOR, and click here to hear the entire episode. Especially enjoyable if you like to hear siblings bicker!

Happy new year!