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Female Filmmaker Fridays with Melissa Center

Had a blast doing an Instagram live with the lovely Melissa Center on May 17th.

Talking about the craft and my work is one of my favorite things to do.

Hopefully, more of these, soon!



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Honey, we have a poster!

I’m so excited to present our official poster for But I’m a Shoe, beautifully designed by Andrew Dittmann who had to endure my endless notes and many changes in direction. Thanks for your patience, Andrew!

A little over a year ago, we wrapped Shoe, a movie which existence is a miracle on so many levels.

I had the brilliant idea of directing for the first time after nearly 2 decades, work with animation which I’ve never done before, film in a different state so that I won’t be able to see the locations or be on the ground with my crew until a day before the shoot, use an active airport as a location so that we’ll have to involve the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security, oh, and have Janet Varney star, to make scheduling even trickier (Janet’s an angel and even though she’s super busy she made it work and was super easy going about it.)

And yet, all of the above happened, and Converse even donated us the pair of shoes starring in the live action bits.

I’m really in love with this film. I’m really proud of it and am grateful to everyone who was involved in its making. The crew (post crew included of course! They worked super hard!), the cast (extras included!) the people who helped us with housing/locations, you are all amazing.

If you’re one of our donors and already watched it, I hope you loved it as much as I do. If you’re not – I can’t wait for it to premiere so I can share it with the world.

Janet Varney
But I'm a Shoe Poster

Podcast with Inwood Art Works

Hey all,

I’m not going to talk about what life has been like recently. Suffice it to say – I’m Israeli, and it’s been rough. Very rough.

In the midst of it all, I totally missed the fact that the podcast episode I recorded with Inwood Film Works (the wonderful org behind the Inwood Film Festival) came out 2 weeks ago.

There’s The Book of Ruth talk, a little bit on the progress of But I’m a Shoe, and general art and process discussion. It was a delight.

Listen here, or watch below:

Take care of yourself.


Shoe updates + Post-Production Crowdfunding!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been almost 4.5 months since we wrapped But I’m a Shoe, and things have been very busy, but an update is way overdue.

We’re almost done with the animation and the live-action editing. This will bring us to what the cool kids call “picture lock.” Once we’re there, our sound designer, as well as our composer, will jump in to add those final, VERY important touches. We hope to have a film to show you sometime in October! 

Check out what happens when live-action meets animation in the editing room! (Courtesy of Maayan – our editor, and Andrew.)

We’re also holding another crowdfunding campaign. Right here.

“Why do they need another one,” you wonder?

“Didn’t you just say we’ll have a film in October?!”

All very valid questions. Well, this campaign, which is much smaller in scale, is meant for post-production. We need to allocate more hours for Andrew to finish the animation, we need to pay our post-production crew, and a million other little things that are boring but necessary. 

Many who’ll read this have already donated, and by doing so done more than enough, but in case you want to share with friends, or “level up” your perk, check it out!

So, for example, if the enamel pin is worth $50 and you already donated $25 but want to put down an additional $25 to get it, you can!

Look how pretty it is!


I actually spent my Friday night preparing many of the pins and signed postcards from our initial campaign for shipping!

So that’s it! Working hard, making edits, delivering perks, and trying to finish this wacky film!

Hope you join our effort and artistic family!

Enjoy your summer,


Oh My, We Shot a Film…

I, the world’s biggest blabber, am at a loss of words to describe this weekend, filming But I’m a Shoe in Waco. So this will never cover everything, but I’ll try.
The easy part is saying that there’s so much talent in Waco. Not only is Waco home to one of the most fun and community involving film festivals, but some of the brightest young rising stars in filmmaking are there. Get them while you can!
Part of coming to film in Waco was because at this point I have made wonderful friends here, and this community has embraced my work. And indeed, the Waco airport was extremely welcoming and made what could’ve been a very complicated, nightmarish experience, a very good one, even though we had to film in what is essentially a construction site at the moment.
Dear precious friends also got to take part, in front of the camera and behind it, including everyone’s favorite leading lady and a gem of a person – Janet Varney. She charmed every crew member, as expected, and made some peoples/kids day.
But one mustn’t forget our TSA officer for the day, Sol, and our forever lady with the trolley, who also provided our second location, AND served as a BG actor (who got upgraded. Opportunities everywhere!) Lori. You guys are true friends, and a support system in a whole other state.
I also want to thank all of our extras who gave their Saturday to come and hang out in a fake airport line. Louis, that includes you.
And that brings me to a crew which was open to ideas, a crew which, I hope, felt like I consulted with constantly, and frankly, I just learned so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something I haven’t done in nearly two decades, and certainly not in this capacity, nor country (directing) and something I’ve never done, ever – acting *plus* directing. It’s a mindfuck, and I’m not sure how people do it on a regular basis, but it was interesting, and dare I say – fun. It might even happen again at some point.
A big lesson was learned about how no one can execute your vision better than you, but also, how important it is to have generous collaborators who allow you to do that.
So to the champions of this film – thank you!
Our movie is so sexy, we broke a bed. And I can’t wait to show it to you once it’s done!
Producer: Rachel Jobin
AD: Dan Beard
DP: Rylan McCoy
Animator: Andrew Dittman
And the rest of our superb crew:
Winton, Luke, AC (the AC), Kirsten, Matthew, Logan, Sarah, Shaler (lifesaver!), Andy, Corey, Will, Emrys, Gracie, Gary and Josh!
Adorable posters and overall wonderful set design: Jessica Bean
Set pics by: Ben Dvorak
Let the post games begin!

More views! More festivals! More shoes!

Happy March all!

First thing’s first – in 2 weeks time we will be filming But I’m a Shoe (or rather, the live action scenes of our mostly-animated film) in Texas. 

Insanely excited to film in Waco, surrounded by a community who have now supported my work for a couple of years. Many people in town became friends, and they’re welcoming us with open arms.

We’ve recorded Janet’s voice over a few weeks ago so that Andrew Dittman, our wonderful animator, can work in tandem with us. Here’s a short teaser which reveals pretty much nothing about the film. Is that how teasers work?

Stay tuned for more!

As of last night, The Book of Ruth has surpassed 100K views (!) on Omeleto. I love this film and proud of it, but I never dared to think we’ll see such numbers. Thank you to everyone who watched, and if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late

Speaking of our dear friend, Ruth, the film will play outside of competition at the Inwood Film Festival in late May. This is a very special one for me, because it’s in my own back yard. 

Whenever I think this specific journey is over, something like this happens! We’re honored to be a part!

If you’re in NY, come see us 🙂


That’s all for now, folks! But hey, things are quite busy around here what with the making of a movie in two weeks 😉

More soon!