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Miami Indie Artist Film Festival *** The Path *** Madrid International Film Festivel

Hey guys, it’s been a while!

That doesn’t mean thing weren’t happening and I was also out of the country for a little bit.

I’m happy to announce that both “Aurora” and “Ruth’s”  have been accepted to the Miami Indie Artist Film Festival.

The festival itself is in November so stay tuned for updates.

It’s also a good opportunity to remind you that we’re still raising money for “Ruth’s” and that if you want to help you can do so here.

Any contribution is helpful and greatly appreciated!



I recently shot a co-star role for Hulu’s “The Path.” I love that show, I love working on the show, the cast and crew are great, and I got to wear the famous eye shirt, so watch this space for announcements regarding season 2’s premiere date.



As you may recall, “Aurora” was nominated as best unproduced script at the Madrid International Film Festival in July. I had a phone interview with the lovely people behind the festival.

We discussed the script, creative process in general, the industry and even fanfiction.

Once the interview is up I’ll share it here.

Meanwhile I updated the creative and resume sections of the website with all the latest shenanigans.

More updates soon!

Aurora *** Website updates

category: Aurora, Website

Hey guys.

I know it’s been forever but so many things are in progress or in development and I’d rather let you know when things are concrete.

So just a quick update to let you know that my feature script, Aurora, was just selected as official selection for the 14th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Georgia.



The festival itself is next month and the winners will be announced then. fingers crossed, but it is an honor just to be nominated.

This also called for a bit of updating of the Creative page.

I’ve recently finished writing a short called Ruth’s which is just now being submitted to festivals.

And I know I always say that but I’m finally editing my book, this time for real, with a great, talented friend of mine, so I hope I’ll have some news for you on that front as well.

Stay tuned for the Eye of Horus season finale coming your way really soon.

Happy autumn!

Eye of Horus *** New Reel

Hey guys!

A short and sweet one today. There are a few cool upcoming things but for them I need to write less (here) and write more (in my google doc).

So I’ll just say that there’s a new Eye of Horus episode in which yours truly is giving a hard time to the hero. See below.



And also a new reel. Woot! Check it out if your heart pleases. It’s also on the reel page, of course.  Happy Passover/Happy Easter and more soon!

The Eye of Horus *** AfterEllen

Hey guys.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Just a few quick updates.

The Eye of Horus is returning in January for the second half of the first season. I have a 4 episode arc. The production released a trailer for the conclusion of the story. Here it is.

There’s also a photo teaser. Yours truly is standing mid left, planning on some chaotic behavior.


It is with absolute pleasure and gratitude that I can say I officially joined AfterEllen as a contributor.

My first two articles, regarding The Legend of Korra series finale were published earlier this week. I loved that show very much and I was overjoyed to get to bid it farewell.

I oughta thank the lovely Dana Piccoli and Trish Bendix for letting me join the party.

We’re still working hard on the international TV project, and we’re hoping to launch it soon.

In the meantime, this is my author page on the site, which will display all of the articles I’ve written.


In accordance with the above, I’ve finally set the writing section of the “creative” page. It has short explanations and relevant links now. Feel free to check it out!

Have a wonderful new year!

New Website *** After Ellen

category: Website

Hey guys!

I know, it’s been forever. You don’t need to tell me.

I’ve been ridiculously busy and I can’t even tell you with what just yet, but, I can give you a few updates.

Firstly, look at this website! It’s all new and shiny, and still need to be tweaked here and there, but I think that it’s beautiful, and it’s brought you by my dear friends, Netanel Bellaish (whose design work you can see here) and Grace Frohlich whose official website is here.

This  is obviously the biggest thing, and one of the main reasons why it  took so long to update.

More stuff:

My book, SUB. Yes, I wanted it to be out by September, by but my dear editor and I are both very busy, meaning, things get pushed forward. But, we finally starting working on the cuts seriously, so without promising anything to concrete, I’ll just say “soon.” Delaying means better quality, people!

Lastly, I am working on a project with AfterEllen.com , and I’m overjoyed by the opportunity to work with/for them. And, I could actually use help! The details are here.


Because I have so much time (not), I ventured into the world of fanfiction again. I haven’t done that since I wrote As We Were which is on Amazon, and happens in the world of Pretty Little Liars. Now, though, it happens in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, and you can read it free of charge! Isn’t that grand? I update twice a week. If it’s your kind of thing, you can check it out here.

Thanks for sticking around! I hope you like the new colorfulness!

Living with Your Sidekick *** Eye of Horus *** Website updates

Hey guys.

I know it’s been ages. A lot is going on and it means less time to update, and trying to batch a few things together for an update.

First and foremost, the yearly IAJF gala is coming up on November 7th, at the Alice Tully Hall here in NYC, which means I’m spending some quality time with different Office programs. We have amazing speakers this year, with former prime minister and and a paralympic medalist. All very exciting. But more about that, maybe later on



I’ve been collaborating with my dear friend, Camille Theobald, on a new web project. Camille and I worked together many times before, she directed some of the episodes of “Hit the MARC” and even guest starred every now and then. We brought Juan J. Arroyo on board. He directed the second half of Hit the MARC.

Basically, what we did, is a two parts pilot, for a show called “Living with Your Sidekick.”

What happens when two super heroes move in together to improve their efficiency? Maybe the opposite of efficiency.

Anyways, we’d like to see where it goes, and it has a bit of interactive element to it. We just released our first episode, introducing one of the two heroes. Next episode will be released next week. Check it out!


We also have some original art work by the wonderful Hila Taylor. Just a little taste:

Poster no harry potter



A lot is going on with the “The Eye of Horus” lately, I just can’t exactly tell you about it because it’s in Japanese : )

The show is set to premiere in America on the internet in November. In the mean time, it had a premiere in Tokyo, Japan, in addition to Osaka. There will be a premiere event in London, and in NYC. Once I know more, I’ll share, but it seems like people really enjoyed the Tokyo premiere, and considering the amazing camera work, and the beautiful locations we used, I can’t wait to see it!

Feel free to check the website, it has bios and all sorts of fun stuff.


On the technical side, I updated the resume page, added the episode of “Sidekick” to the reel page, and updated the production page!

Have a great week everyone!