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Hit the MARC bloopers *** Best Seller on Amazon’s Kindle Worlds *** The Conellys Update

Hey guys!

Our very last hurrah with Hit the MARC, the gag reel is here.

Watch it below:

This concludes this beautiful journey, for the time being.

We have a few Kickstarter backers out there who deserve a special DVD, and it’s coming their way soon enough!

Will it return some day? Never say never.


Earlier this week, “As We Were,” a Novel length, Pretty Little Liars, Kindle Worlds story was published on the Kindle worlds store on Amazon.com.

Written by yours truly, edited by the wonderfully kind and talented Terias McKlay, and with a beautiful cover art by Hila Taylor.

It started as a successful fanfic on fanfiction.net, and gained more than 72,000 views from all around the world.

It is currently rated the #1 selling book, at the Gay and Lesbian section on Kindle Worlds, telling a story about Paige and Emily from the show.

Purchase it on Amazon for $3.99 only!

draft for cover

There’s also an author page now, and I added a link on the contact page to it.


The Conellys, aka “awesome zombie film” is in final stage of post production with the hope of being submitted to festivals starting September. We’ve been doing ADR sessions, and we’re almost done. I really loved that crew and cast so it’s been fun see everyone again, and ADR is still a new experience for me. Considering this was a pretty big role, I had a lot of it to do, and I find it quite interesting. Hopefully soon enough I can put together a short reel for you, of clips from the movie. In the mean time, here are some photos from the ADR sessions.

That’s it for this time around! Stay tuned!



Hit the MARC Finale *** Sweet Music Video *** IAJF Summer Gala

I know it’s been a while, but there was a lot to gather!

First, and foremost, we *finally* got the series finale of Hit the MARC out.

This is very exciting, and it concludes, for the time being, 2 years of work. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve done, and achieved, and we are so grateful for all of you who watched, and supported, and donated.

Here’s the episode:

I also updated the gallery with photos from the episode.

We will be working on the gag reel in the following weeks, in order to complete our DVD for our special backers!


I spent 4 days mid June, in Saratoga, NY, with a great team, to shoot a music video for Marcus Ruggiero’s song – “Sweet”. It was a crazy experience, we got to start at 5 AM and finish at 3 AM some of the days, but Saratoga is beautiful, and I was really happy to be a part of it. You can see a rough, partial version of the would be final product, right here:

I got to meet and work with lovely people, and I can’t wait to see, and show you the final product! In the meantime, I’ve got some nice stills, taken by the lovely LeRon Lee. Click the photo to see the new gallery!

I updated the resume page accordingly, and the Facebook page as well.


The day after I got back from Saratoga, I joined once more, the production team of LinCommunicatin, for the IAJF summer gala for their young leadership

It was a lovely evening at the NYC public library, with special entertainment – Comedian Maz Jobrany.

Next on the agenda is the winter gala!

Here are a few photos from the evening.














And so, to conclude, June was a bit crazy indeed.


Lastly, I just got the word that “Shadows of Love” is finally locked and ready to be submitted to festivals, after a long period of post production. I know that some of the festivals already have a sure spot for the film that has been anticipated for a while, so once I have definite news, you’ll know!

Have a lovely week, everyone!




Hit the MARC News.

category: Hit the MARC

Hey guys.

So, first and foremost, here’s our latest, and also our very last, “While We Wait” minisode of Hit the MARC.


This new minisode is dear to my heart because of the subject, and also, because it features two new songs which I wrote, and were composed and performed on the minisode by the talented Jackson Eather, aka – Davie.

The songs will be on YouTube soon-ish, until then, and for a week only, we offer an mp3 download link.

You can get “Davie’s Emotions Song” right here. The other song will be up probably tomorrow and you can check our Facebook/Twitter later in for a download link to that one.


On another awesome note, the wonderful Kerrin Drexler started recapping the show on her Tumblr blog. It’s such a good way to be re-introduced, hear about what’s going on on the show, or simply be reminded of some special moments. We (being the cast and crew) really enjoyed reading them, and will keep on doing so. She also made some GIFs. We wanna put out there that we totally encourage any sort of fan art and whatnot! Anyways, we added a link to the recaps on the main show page here on this very website. And also, here’s a link as well.


Last but not list, here’s a… press release of a sort, I suppose.

The show is coming to an end very very soon. Basically, we have the season/series finale left. Yes, we’ll have a blooper reel and whatnot, but that’s pretty much it.

It might not be up in 2 weeks, but within a month we hope. We’re missing just tiny bits of material.

But it’s coming and we hope you’d love it just as much as we did, it’s been an amazing journey, one that we will conclude when it’s time.

In the mean time, a bit about the present and the future.

First of all, there was another “While We Wait” minisode planned, but sadly, due to conflict of schedules, I had to cut it. Which is something I can promise you is heart breaking for a script writer.

I’m still hoping one day we can have it in some sort of a format, and it’ll always be our “missing minisode”, which, in a way, makes it more hard core, don’t you think? (The language of this post if very professional, so much for a press release.)

I’m not going to make any promises I can’t keep, I’m just going to tell you I will try.

Which is also regarding the future. The show is ending mainly because of technical things. Its both an amazing and an exhausting experience to be the person behind a whole creation, and this 8 episodes + 12 minisodes season, took us nearly 2 years to do. I want it to be better, I want it to improve and grow, and right now, with a talented cast the is always in and out of town, and with no budget, I can’t give this to you, and I can’t do it in a way that’ll make me proud.

So, I know some of the story lines won’t be entirely resolved, and yes, I started writing material for another season months ago, but we won’t be doing more in the near future. In the further future? You never know. There’s more than one way to revive/continue a project (hell, look at Arrested Development!), and since I have so much love for this story, I promise to consider my options with it every now and then.

Thank you guys, from all around the world, so much for your ongoing love and support for the show. We had viewers from over 125 countries, and it’s just mind blowing for us. We got to have guest stars who were on shows like SVU and Boardwalk Empire, and I got to work with so much talent. I feel very blessed, as I know my cast is, and when it’s time to really sum up, we’ll do just that, but in the meantime, we wanted to keep you in the loop.

Have a lovely May, it’s starting to look really summer-y here in NYC!

Until we post again!

Hit the MARC *** Galleries *** Social Media

Hey guys!

First and foremost, here’s the new episode (number 7) of “Hit the MARC.”

It is second to last. Who would’ve thought that nearly 2 years of work are finally wrapping up?

You can expect a minisode in 2 weeks time, and then, our series finale.

Here is 7. Enjoy!

The upcoming minisode marks the return of the ukelele. 2 new original songs. Stay tuned! No pun intended.


With all of the massive updates for “Hit the MARC” it was long overdue to update the relevant gallery on this very site. And so I did. You can see it here. In case you want to see the entire episode’s gallery and not just my photos, it is on the “Hit the MARC” Facebook page, right here.

Here’s a little teaser:









Following us on Twitter these days is also smart considering we’re uploading bloopers, photos, teasers and all sorts of exclusive material.

In addition, I also opened a gallery for “The Eye of Horus” after I completed my first round of filming about a week ago. It is here.

Here’s one to give you the jist.



I also updated the contact page and added my latest social media endeavors, which mainly means my Instagram, Tumblr, and Keek.

Check it out! And remember you can always subscribe to updates, also at the bottom of the contact page.


Lastly, I got a fun role in a new original webshow called “Freelancers.” We will be shooting at the very end of April, so updates to come!

Have a great week!

Hit the MARC *** The Cinema Couch *** The Eye of Horus *** Beg. Borrow. Steal

Hey everyone!

As promised, we have more Hit the MARC updates! I’ll lay them down here in chronological order.

First, we released episode 6 (2 more left, are you ready to say goodbye?), which featured Lisa Wipperling, in addition to John Znidarsic, and Dan Daily who returned for the second time as our teachers, and of course, you’re probably used to their faces by now: Camille Theobald and Jackson Eather.

Here it is:

Then, we uploaded for your enjoyment, “The Food Song” from minisode 9 –  “English Lesson”. Written by yours truly, and music by the lovely Jackson Eather who also performs it both on the minisode and on this clip.

And lastly, fresh from the YouTube oven, minisode 11, “The Deeper the Fall,” following my character, CJ, guest starring the lovely Dana Piccoli who’s both talented and a great friend, and directed once more by Juan J. Arroyo.

If you like television and music, I highly recommend following Dana’s Twitter or Tumblr blog.

Ah, yes, the minisode:


The third season of Game of Thrones is *finally* upon us, and so, just before the season premiere aired, I joined the lovely people of “The Cinema Couch” to discuss the show. Here’s our discussion video.


A crazy internet project called “The Eye of Horus” is filming during the entire month of April. I’m joining them on the second week, to play the role of Eris. Reading the script, it’s not hard to see why they gave my character the name of the Greek goddess of chaos. Just saying.

The script is feature long, and made up from what I believe is 17 short parts that will be on line. It’s very complex, inception/Matrix kind of complex, when you can’t really say for sure what is what, and who is who. Or in other words – sounds like tons of fun. So stay tuned for that, and hopefully, pictures will soon follow!


Third week of April marks the beginning of my work with “Beg. Borrow. Steal.” as Nina. This is a crime webshow which also seems like is going to be the crazy kind of fun. So expect more about that soon as well.


On the website side – I updated my resume with all the current projects, and the song writing page as well. I know, I know, the gallery demands attention and there are so many pictures from the latest episodes of Hit the MARC. I know, we’ll get there.

Have a lovely weekend!

Hit the MARC news *** The Cinema Couch *** Tiger in the Dark

Hey guys.

Things have been quite interesting around here lately.

First of all, as we promised, we’re seeing more of Hit the MARC these days.

We’re trying to update every other week through the end of the series. Needless to say sometimes it’s harder, but you definitely won’t have to wait long between new uploads.

On that note, here’s our latest minisode:

We had some special guest stars, Maria Briggs and Oren Korenblum on this one, and it’s been a pleasure. Tricky, but a pleasure nonetheless.

More Hit the MARC. We finally uploaded our theme song, “Higher”. The songwriting section was updated accordingly.

you can listen to it here:


I had the pleasure of guest hosting a few episodes of “The Cinema Couch” along side a great panel of people. Not all of the episodes are available yet, but you can watch the following one. In this one, we discussed the current season of “Pretty Little Liars” which is a show I personally love a lot, and write about quite often.

I hope you like it!

More to come!


Last but not least, a new preview sneak peek from “A tiger in the Dark” right here on IMDB!

That’s all for now folks! More soon!