Hit the MARC news *** The Cinema Couch *** Tiger in the Dark

Hey guys.

Things have been quite interesting around here lately.

First of all, as we promised, we’re seeing more of Hit the MARC these days.

We’re trying to update every other week through the end of the series. Needless to say sometimes it’s harder, but you definitely won’t have to wait long between new uploads.

On that note, here’s our latest minisode:

We had some special guest stars, Maria Briggs and Oren Korenblum on this one, and it’s been a pleasure. Tricky, but a pleasure nonetheless.

More Hit the MARC. We finally uploaded our theme song, “Higher”. The songwriting section was updated accordingly.

you can listen to it here:


I had the pleasure of guest hosting a few episodes of “The Cinema Couch” along side a great panel of people. Not all of the episodes are available yet, but you can watch the following one. In this one, we discussed the current season of “Pretty Little Liars” which is a show I personally love a lot, and write about quite often.

I hope you like it!

More to come!


Last but not least, a new preview sneak peek from “A tiger in the Dark” right here on IMDB!

That’s all for now folks! More soon!