New Episode for Hit the MARC *** Ukeletters

At long last, after months of work, episode 5 of Hit the MARC finally aired.

From now on, we’ll try to upload something new every 2 weeks, until the end of the show after episode 8 (but fear not, we have a few minisodes in between).

Thanks for All your support and patience, it’s good to be back.

You can watch the episode below.


My dear friend, Camille Theobald, who also directed and was a guest on “Hit the MARC”, invited me over to her hilarious Ukeletters corner on which she shares a bitter experience from her NYC life. She does so by writing letters to people who pissed her off. Every now and then she has a guest sharing his/hers own experience and writes a letter for them.

Here’s the interview we had:

And here’s the actual letter:


Another minor update: I’m going into the studio next week to do ADR for “The Conellys.” Can’t wait to see how this one is coming along.

More things are going on, but as you know, you’ll know when things are set in stone.

Have a lovely weekend!