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Hey guys!

I know, it’s been forever. You don’t need to tell me.

I’ve been ridiculously busy and I can’t even tell you with what just yet, but, I can give you a few updates.

Firstly, look at this website! It’s all new and shiny, and still need to be tweaked here and there, but I think that it’s beautiful, and it’s brought you by my dear friends, Netanel Bellaish (whose design work you can see here) and Grace Frohlich whose official website is here.

This  is obviously the biggest thing, and one of the main reasons why it  took so long to update.

More stuff:

My book, SUB. Yes, I wanted it to be out by September, by but my dear editor and I are both very busy, meaning, things get pushed forward. But, we finally starting working on the cuts seriously, so without promising anything to concrete, I’ll just say “soon.” Delaying means better quality, people!

Lastly, I am working on a project with , and I’m overjoyed by the opportunity to work with/for them. And, I could actually use help! The details are here.


Because I have so much time (not), I ventured into the world of fanfiction again. I haven’t done that since I wrote As We Were which is on Amazon, and happens in the world of Pretty Little Liars. Now, though, it happens in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, and you can read it free of charge! Isn’t that grand? I update twice a week. If it’s your kind of thing, you can check it out here.

Thanks for sticking around! I hope you like the new colorfulness!