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Meet the Team!

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We’re getting ready to launch our Indiegogo campaign for But I’m a Shoe and this is a perfect opportunity to officially introduce you to the incredible team.
You know the gal in the first pic who wrote this thing and is gonna direct it, but I’m very pleased to introduce you to producer Rachel Jobin, and animation extraordinaire Andrew Dittman, who also did this cool bunch.
We’re in three different time zones, but we’re making things happen! Watch this space next week!

Awards, casting news, and streaming announcements (oh my!)

A lot to share with you all!

First and foremost, I just came back from the wonderful SENE Film Festival, where But I’m a Shoe took home the Best Short Screenplay Award. What an honor! Thank you so much, SENE!

And as I returned from Rhode Island, this waited for me in the mail, courtesy of the South Dakota Film Festival which I sadly couldn’t attend, but The Book of Ruth won Best Narrative Short. 

Thank you for a gorgeous plaque! 

Back to the shoe, though, I’m beyond thrilled to announce casting for the leading role!

She played the Avatar, a (female, if you ask the townsfolk) sheriff, one among a group of people who were all the worst, a fortune teller, and so much more.

She’s also very good at MASH.

But now, Janet Varney is preparing for the biggest acting challenge of her career – a shoe.

Janet is a lovely human being and an insanely talented person, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have her on board!

Last, but not least, after 2.5 years in the festival circuit, over 40 festivals, multiple awards and continents, it’s time to conclude our run. That doesn’t mean The Book of Ruth won’t screen again in-person in the future, but our festival run will be over on November 5th, in Indianapolis. 

So what’s next? 

Well, starting November 8th, the film will stream through Omeleto – the best platform out there for short films. They only accept films that have screened at Academy Award qualifying festivals (which we have!) or other very high level festivals. They certainly have multiple Oscar nominees on their platform, and their viewership is wonderful.

If you asked me what I want next for The Book of Ruth, it’s for it to be viewed by as many people as possible. And Omeleto is the place for that. It offers free access, and we can expect thousands of people to watch our story. It also means every single person who wanted to watch it and didn’t get the chance until now, will be able to in less than a month!

I’m very excited to let it out there into the world, and share it with all of you, at long last.

More details soon!

The Shoe is Making Waves

Hello all! 

Quite a busy time around here as we’re entering early stages of production for But I’m a Shoe.

Meanwhile, I was informed by the Austin Film Festival that Shoe was a 2nd rounder. Which means top 20% out of over 10K submissions. Hooray!

This morning I was also notified that Shoe is a finalist at the Rhode Island International Flickers’ Film Festival Screenplay Competition. Both these festivals are Academy Award qualifying festivals. So… yay!

Exciting casting news are coming very very soon. And when I say exciting, I mean VERY exciting. 

I’ve also  recently (finally!) launched an Instagram account for Grace Dragon Productions (which is a name I’ve been using and putting in credits for over a decade.) Feel free to follow here

Upcoming dates:

10/14-16: SENE FILM FESTIVAL – Cranston, RI – But I’m a Shoe is nominated for Best Screenplay.

11/5: ANN KATZ JEWISH BOOKS & ARTS FESTIVAL  – Indianapolis, Indiana – a special evening with The Book of Ruth. Click here for tickets.

Shana Tovah to one and all!

More awards! More Festivals!

Hello everyone,

Busy months ahead! 

I’m happy to report that The Book of Ruth has three (that I currently know of!) upcoming screenings between now and the end of the year! 

Every time I think the circuit is over for this one, there are some surprises! Thank you all for being with us for what looks like a 2.5 years in the festival circuit.

There are plans for the day after, and I’ll share in due time 🙂 I hope to be able to bring the film to as many of you as possible.

But before I talk about the upcoming screenings, I’m also happy to report I’ll be heading back to Cranston, RI in October for the wonderful Sene Film Festival, as But I’m a Shoe is nominated for Best Screenplay. A true honor. I’m moved by all the love that has already been shown to this script about a girl who turns herself into a shoe!

As for The Book of Ruth, first, you’ll be able to catch the film at the South Dakota Film Festival on 9/17. We were already informed that the film won Best Narrative Short and I’m beyond grateful! Sadly I won’t be able to attend the festival, but it looks like a wonderful program!

Next stop is Beverley Hills for the LadyFilmmaker Film Festival! The film will screen on 9/25 and I’ll do my very best to be there!

And then on 11/5 I will be in Indianapolis for the Ann Katz Festival of Books & Arts. A whole evening dedicated to The Book of Ruth with 30-40 minutes Q&A to follow. I expect a lively conversation with Michael Abrams about representation, storytelling, and so much more!

If you’re in either of these events, come and say hi! All details about tickets and show times can be found here.

As always – more soon!


But I’m a Shoe Live Read at DITHFF!

category: But I'm a Shoe

Hello all!

Headed back to Waco next week, and it’s a true treat since Deep in the Heart is one of the most fun film festivals I’ve been to with The Book of Ruth!

Tickets are now on sale for the live read event which will include my comedy short script – But I’m a Shoe, as well as four more scripts, all to be read by local actors.

Get your tickets for Saturday, 7/20 here.

Come for the art, stay for the fun!

On a personal note I’d also say that Juliet Landau and Deverill Weekes, who are lovely humans and whom I met at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival, will also be in attendance to screen their film A Place Among the Dead, as well as a career talk with Juliet.

So the Texan based Buffy fans among you should really come!

Happy Friday all!

But I’m a Shoe

Hello friends,

It’s been a minute.

Partially because a lot of the work is being done behind the scenes.

But The Book of Ruth won Best Short Dramedy at the wonderful Sedona International Film Festivaland we have a few more festivals before we conclude a terrific, award winning festival run for which I’m incredibly grateful.

But I’m also hard at work on two new projects that I’m very excited about, one of the two is But I’m a Shoe, a short script for a would-be animated short.

Very very happy to say that the script got accepted into the screenplay competition at one of my favorite film festivals – Deep in the Heart, in Waco, TX, where The Book of Ruth won Best Family Short last year.

I’m thrilled to head back to DITHFF to share this script with an audience for the first time, by way of a live reading. Details to follow, but what a great place to “premiere” it! 

Stay tuned!