Hitting 1000 viewers on YouTube!

category: Hit the MARC

Hit the Marc has finally reached 1000 viewers on You Tube with the pilot episode being watched by more than 1000 viewers from all around the world!

What’s a better way to celebrate it than to tell you guys about two new articles about the show in two major Israeli websites (check them out on the Hit the MARC media page right here. They are the top two), and by pointing you to the newest minisode, this time following the craziness of Miguel and Abbie.



And so the more you watch and rank and like, and click the ads, we’re actually getting stronger and work harder.

Thank you all for your support! We shoot episode three in 2 weeks time!


Just a quick memo that you can download the site application to your smartphones and get updates straight to your phone! You can do so by clicking here.

That is all folks! Short, but quite nifty.