International Premiere at the Vancouver International Film Fest!

It is such an honor and a delight to get to tell y’all that The Book of Ruth will have its international premiere in Vancouver later this month!

VIFF is one of the 5 biggest film festivals in North America and is recognized by the Canadian Screen Awards.

I’m still in disbelief and overjoyed.

The festival moved online due to COVID, but if you have friends and/or family in British Columbia, please let them know! We’d love to share the film with them. For all details click here.

We’ve recently updated our poster. It’s still missing a couple of laurels, but those will come soon with an announcement of their own 🙂

The film is screening in 5 (!) festivals this month, and at least 2 more in October, with additional festivals postponing so they can hold physical events. Details on all upcoming screenings and tickets can be found here.

I’ve been doing a lot of Q&As for the festivals, and got to meet many talented creators. It is extremely bittersweet to meet like this, but kudos to all the festivals. They’re working so hard to make things work and to make sure filmmakers make the most of the experience.

I’ve also spent the last 7 months researching a new feature project and I’m excited to spend the next few months writing it. So stay tuned, stay safe, and Shana Tovah to those who celebrate!