Like Ingrid Bergman Premiere *** Rain in Summer in festivals *** Digital Physics


Hey guys!

So a few days ago (on August 12th)  I went to the “Like Ingrid Bergman” world premiere at the NYC International Film Festival!

It was fun to see the cast again, and meet some other filmmakers and watch their work. Some of them were wonderful.

Watch out for “Foodie” and for “Say it Ain’t Solo”.

We also had a short Q & A at the end and got good responses. So definitely a good afternoon for everyone involved.

Here are a few pictures, they were also uploaded to the gallery.



There’s also a trailer you can watch:

And then there’s our Indiegogo campaign, and for $10 only you can get your own copy of the film and help us send it to more festivals! Here’s the website.



“Rain in Summer” has been doing incredibly well!

Here are the festival it got into:

Lancaster Area Film Festival

Media Film Festival (Winner of Audience Award)

New Filmmakers New York

NYC Downtown Short Film Festival

Park City Film Music Festival

Park Slope Film Festival

Queens World Film Festival

River Bend Film Festival

SENE Film, Music and Arts Festival (Winner for best LGBT Film)

Talking Pictures Festival

Nice list indeed, and if you’re around NYC, and want to see the film for $6 only in an evening that includes more events, you can check out the Facebook event here. It’ll be screened as part of the New Filmmakers Festival.


Today I was on the set of “Digital Physics”. It’s my second feature, they’ve been filming for a month now, and I only joined in for the day to play a street musician. Tiny part, but, it was a lot of fun because they trusted me enough to know I’ll teach myself a short melody on the recorder on which I’ve never played in my life. So I used the last month to do that. It was fun, good people and hopefully we’ll see some footage next year 🙂


Lots of other things are happening. Hit the MARC  for start is wrapping its season. Not for you, but yes for us. We already filmed parts from episode 6,7,8 (8 is the season finale), and we’re not done, but getting there. Once we *are* done, you can probably expect something new every 2-4 weeks from mid September, to probably December/January.

I’m writing some new things, for screen, and also not for screen. No need to jinx, but most definitely watch this space.

Until the next time!

Have a wonderful week!