***New Minisode***Hit the MARC on Sidereel!***Characters on Facebook!***Kickstarter updates***Shadows of love

Hey guys!

Things have been a little bit hectic around here lately, *but*, here are some good news!

First of all, we have a new minisode of “Hit the MARC”, this time revolving around CJ, so more screen time for me, which is not the best idea when I’m both the director/editor. Self criticism at its best. But, my dad said the acting was great, so it has to be right, right?

Anyways, here it is! Enjoy!




I’m quite happy and proud to say that the show was featured on the main page of Sidereel.com for the past few days. The site has 9 million visitors a day, and we were featured right next to Once Upon a Time, Desperate Housewives, Walking Dead and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Quite honored and thank you Shiran for a fine PR work! This thing got us a traffic of thousands of viewers on YouTube on the course of 3 days, and we pretty much doubled almost tripped our viewers count. Quite the achievement in my book : )


I’m happy to say that some of our characters found their way to Facebook. Rumor has it that they’ll friend anyone, but they’re not necessarily the nicest. And by “they”, I mean CJ.

So you can friend CJ, Abbie or Javier. We might have the rest at some point, but we’re not supporting peer pressure so we’ll have to wait and see.


So we’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign a week and a half ago, and while we’re currently on $445, if we won’t get to $1000, we won’t get a dime. Not to mention, if we *pass* that amount, we get all the additionals. I honestly think the future and the quality of the show depend on this campaign because even though I’d love to put all means towards this baby, there’s a limit to what I, as a person and not a business, can invest. So if you want to support us, by donating or even just spreading the word, we’d love that. So please check it out. Thank you!



I was fortunate enough to land a featured role in a new feature (no pun intended) called “Shadows of Love” which will be directed by the wonderful Kenya Cagle who’s the head of Caglevision, an acclaimed director and has been in the business for years. He will be directing a script by the lovely Stephanie Walker. I’ll be playing the role of Smiley, and will be filming this weekend in NJ and late April in Manhattan. I’m very happy about this opportunity and we already know that the film is going to be featured in at least two film festivals later this year. Very very exciting.

That’s all guys! Take care!