Our first award + Latin American Premiere!

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Hello all!

So after a total of 19 festival acceptances (11 states and counting!) we’ve won our first award!

Last month, the San Diego International Jewish Film Festival took place in its short film edition. The Book of Ruth has won Best Short Narrative!

We’re very honored and excited!

In addition, we’ve been accepted to the Bogota Short Film Festival – BOGOSHORTS in Bogota, Colombia. This will be our Latin American premiere, at an Academy Award qualifying festival no less (not for our category, but it’s still a huge honor to be a part of such an acclaimed festival!) Here’s the official announcement

We’re playing the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival through 11/30, and then Bogota next month (and another exciting one which I might be able to tell you about next week!)

As always, updates about screenings and tickets can be found here

Lastly, Becca and myself did a Q&A last month at the Vancouver International Film Festival with additional wonderful filmmakers. You can watch it here

Our press page also has updated list of Q&As and coverage. You can see it here

That’s it. Much love. Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.