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AICF Interview *** The Path season 3

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Hey guys!

Just a quick, pre-weekend update with this spotlight interview on the AICF website. Really enjoyed thinking about these questions and as always, discussing Ruth’s


Filming season 3 of The Path is underway. I can’t say anything other than – no doubt it’ll be an amazing season. 

Meanwhile, to celebrate the upcoming season, here’s some Meadow-tation for you.

Press updates

Hey everyone!

As you may recall, Aurora was nominated for best unproduced script at the Madrid International Film Festival back in July.

While I sadly couldn’t attend, I had a wonderful interview with the lovely guys at IFF.

We discussed creative process, the challenges filmmakers face, and even fanfiction.

You can listen to it on Soundcloud.

Or on itunes (episode 13).

Once the transcript is released I’ll post it as well.


As part of promoting Ruth’s we got some coverage back in Israel. I updated the press page to include both the podcast with IFF and the piece on Gal Gefen.

You can still donate to our campaign right here.

The piece from Gal Gefen is below. English translation can be found here.

מעריב היום

The Conellys *** CJ times with Mark Fraunhofer *** Tiger in the DARK

Hey guys!

Things have been quite crazy ever since I got back to town. First and foremost, I got to film the zombie project which is now officially titled “The Conellys.”

Amazing cast, amazing crew, amazing 4 days experience in many locations around NYC.

There was touching of boobs, face slamming with  a hammer, floor dragging, and tons of fake blood.

The story is quite different from your regular zombie tale and I hope that soon enough I’ll be able to say it’s been screened in festivals, because it really deserves it.

I want to thank Fran Moreta and Inigo Bordiu for trusting me with this story.

Here’s a quick peek.


As always, it looks a bit funky on the website, my apologies, but I added a gallery with these two and many more. Do check it out.

I’ve also updated my resume with this amazing project.

We’re doing some ADR make ups next week and I’m sure more updates are coming.


While we’re waiting for Hit The MARC (no pun intended), here’s a short video I’ve filmed with director Mark Fraunhofer. Pretty much two minutes of being in character (which means I really love my mom in real life, do not be fooled!). Just a little look into CJ’s head.

This is a prep for a few shorts we’re about to work on together in the next few months.

I really like the way it looks.



Tiger in the Dark – we’re filming tomorrow, and on Sunday, and we have tentative dates in February and late March.

We started with the trailers, extending to a short, and hopefully later on some feature-y saga of sorts.

The more we film, the more material I can show you. But either way – it doesn’t matter how much you see, you never really know what’s going on (neither do we as we film. Drew doesn’t tell us anything. That’s part of the fun).


Lastly, on a bit of a personal note, I published an article on my Tumblr yesterday. It’s about the treatment bisexuals get from *some* parts of the gay community.

Feel free to check it out here. I’m very touched by all the people who wrote to me afterwards. I wrote this for you guys.

This is all for today.

Stay warm! (Mostly relevant if you’re currently in NYC like myself)