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***Buy Tickets for Lysistrata***Journeys Roundup***IMDB***Producing Section***

Hi guys!

Things have been quite crazy!

Journeys was on October 14th and was an *amazing* experience.

The *entire* show is on line.

More details on the Journeys page!

I’ve also added my own song to the “Songwriting” section 🙂



On that note, I opened a “Producing” tab which you can see up and towards the right, to group all the projects I produce. I was lucky enough to have an amazing talented friend designing the logo for me –  Omer Kuznitz. He also designed the Hit the MARC logo 🙂


Lysistrata is opening (and closing…) next weekend! 4 performances! Book your tickets. If you use the promotional code “bang”, you pay $15 instead of $24.

11/3,4,5 – 7 PM

11/6 – 3 PM

at the Players Theater!

event page on Facebook.



Oh happy days! Hit the Marc (and so am I) got a page on IMDB! We’re very excited! And though we’re taking a small hiatus because of the holidays, episode 3 is written and waiting for our reunion on the second half of January. But we still might have some fun stuff coming your way!

Hit the MARC on IMDB.

Chen on IMDB.

That’s all! Watch this space!

*** Episode 2 of HTM *** Journeys Cabaret *** Lysistrata ***

The second Episode of Hit the MARC, “Hello, Goodbye” is finally up and can be seen right here!



Don’t forget to like it on YouTube!

we have few minisodes coming up before the 3rd episode which might just have to wait until after the holidays, as we’re saying goodbye to certain cast members and welcome others and work around few different religions that celebrate different holidays all over November December 🙂

We also updated the Hit The MARC gallery with pictures from the episode!



We can finally tell you guys more about the upcoming AMDA alumni cabaret. It’s called Journeys, it’s all original material, I’m really glad I got to produce it, the material the guys have written is beautiful, and we’d love for you to join us!

Here’s the Facebook event page.

If you’re in the NYC area, do join us 🙂

Friday, October 14th @ 8 PM

Church of Saint Paul The Apostle

405 West 59th Street, New York, NY

(just by Columbus circle, on 9th av).

Check out this nice segment about us on The Newcomer Blog.


The lineup:

Camille Theobald (host)

Constanza Palavecino

Deborah Meister

Irina Pizarro

Anthony Ramos Martinez

Lisa Wipperling

Chen Drachman

Myriam Phiro

Chen Drachman

Joel Castillo

Noy Sossover

Alejandro Moscoso

And Alexander Ferguson who’s both our MD and pianist.



Lastly, but not leastly, I’m happy to take part and play Ismenia in a very exciting modern version of Lysistrata, which is a play I always loved. It is directed by Thomas Gordon and we will have 4 performances at The Players Theatre on the first week of November.

This will be the first production of the Onomatopoeia Theatre Company.

Check their website in here.

Come see it 🙂





New minisode from the house of Hit the MARC!

Watch it right here to see what Pillar and her best friends are up too!

We’re shooting episode 2 next week. How very exciting.

The Cabaret is also coming along really well. We’re gonna have 11 wonderful numbers, and all of our performers are working very hard with Alex Ferguson, our pianist.

lastly, a few months back, I had a tiny fun part in a short film by the name “Rain in Summer”.
You can see some sort of a trailer in here. I have a split second in there, but the film itself is going to be quite good 🙂

So more news on that, and some other new stuff, real soon.

Don’t forget to like the video!

Tons of updates!

Website Updates:

First of all as you can all see, this website is up to shape and except for minor things here and there, I think we can declare this update as our official grand opening.
Check out the galleries, actually check out everything.

Hit the MARC updates:

Well, we hope you saw our first episode (which has reached 500 views!), and if not, what are you waiting for?

If you did, and you liked it, we can tell you that we go back to shooting episode 2 on 9/23. In the mean time, while we wait, we have our minisodes. The first one can be seen here:



Our second minisode will be up (with subtitles!) on 9/17, and we’ll be introduced to a new character who happens to be Pillar’s best friend.

There’s clearly a good reason to stay tuned and to follow us here, there, everywhere:

You Tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HittheMARCshow

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hit-the-MARC/154470077961817?sk=info

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/hitthemarcshow

In the meantime, do enjoy a pictures from the shooting of minisode 2, “Pillar’s Lament”.


Constanza is going through lines

Natalia (as Jimena) is shocked with Constanza (as Pillar)


I’m currently producing an all AMDA alumni cabaret. It’s been quite a joy since it’s all original material, and we have a line up of about 10 talented songwriters and performers to sing 10 beautiful original songs. Guitar and keyboard accompaniment will also be by alums.

October 14th at the St. Paul’s church. Stay tuned!