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Hit the MARC minisodes *** Like Ingrid Bergman at the NYCIFF *** Shadows

Hello everyone!
I took some time off from posting to work hard, and make sure I actually have a decent update for you before I post.
First and foremost, we have 2 new minisodes (or “While we wait”s if you prefer) of “Hit the MARC”.
The first one is “From Within”, and can be seen here:

Next one is “English Lesson”, back to the Javier saga, introducing our new favorite Australian – Jackson Eather, who also composed the music to an original song I wrote and is featured on this episode. It’s a comical one, don’t expect something heavy, do expect the mentioning of sweets. 🙂

The rest of the season is written and with a new director and producer, we’ll be starting filming the entirety of what we have left, this very month. Here’s to having episode 5 ready for you guys in September after some pick ups with absent cast members.



I’m so proud to announce that “Like Ingrid Bergman”, the first movie I’ve done out of school and in NYC, directed by Kevin Gay, is not only finally complete, but will also premiere at the 2012 New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF). That’s the website for the festival. Not only is the script great, but I got to meet wonderful people and was blessed to have such a great first experience right out of school. I promise to update and who knows, maybe I’ll get to walk on a red carpet?




These days I’m absolutely swamped with stuff for “Shadows”. I’ve been part of this project for years. From a first presentation we’ve done in Israel for a famous Broadway producer, to the reading last summer at the WB offices in the city, to the very point in which we stand now. Eidan Lipper was my director and colleague back home, and he was always gifted but the music he created is absolutely mind blowing and the comic book like style of the show is new and very refreshing in the current theater scene. With a wonderful creative team, and cast, we had a first sold out preview on June 23rd, at the Roy Arias Theaters just around the corner from Time Square, and we have another show this upcoming Saturday. I’m the production manager, and it means many very different things, and it’s a challenging, satisfying job. Especially since I get to see something I’ve been part of for years in Israel, being produced and performed Off – Broadway in NYC.  This show is going places, I guarantee. So stay tuned, and check our website and facebook page (where you’ll soon be able to hear even more tracks from the show). I added it to my “Production” page so the link will permanently be there.

That’s all for today friends! But I have a feeling more is coming soon!





Shadows reading

category: Shadows

On August 15th I was lucky enough to be part of the first NYC reading of Shadows.

I was part of the Israeli presentation for Marc Routh years ago as an ensemble singer, and this time around in NYC, I got to read for the role of Hope and the Beggar.

This new original musical is the creation of two very talented friends of mine: Eidan Lipper and Issac Cruz, and be very certain it’s not the last time you’ll hear about this project.

The writing is smart and complex, the songs are beautiful, there’s definitely a good reason to stay tuned.

We were also lucky enough to be reading in the WB offices in NY.

Here’s a picture from the memorable day.